Airsoft guns

An extremely vast topic, let’s see how to be able to talk about airsoft guns in a fairly organized way, so that you – dear reader – can benefit from this reading and easily find the information you need. If you are reading this article you are probably passionate about airsoft or military simulations, or you are simply curious to know more about this world that you do not know but fascinates you, in any case you are welcome and we hope you will find ideas and useful information!

Let’s try to give this article an order, to do so we will try to divide the text into chapters, in this way, if you don’t want to read it all, you can go directly to the paragraph that deals with topics of your interest. As you can see, some represent recurring questions to which we will try to give useful answers Conversion kits

These are the main topics that you will find below, of course, within each chapter, you will also be able to find technical information concerning specific aspects, if you like, we advise you to read everything because you can find interesting information both from a commercial point of view (as in choosing an airsoft gun) and technical (understanding better never hurts).

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Let’s start from the base. Airsoft is a game in which “toy” weapons are used where, however, the word toy does not necessarily mean cheap and poorly constructed items. These weapons are also called softguns or ASG , which stands for “air soft gun”. We made the clarification on the word toy precisely because this word generally refers to low quality plastic objects, with poorly precise mechanical couplings, etc., here things are completely different.

It is true that on the market there are airsoft guns for a few euros but we are not referring to these, these are in fact cheap toys almost of the “disposable” type while the world of airsoft is dotted with manufacturers (of which we will speak more ahead) that market high quality items made with highly advanced technologies. Behind the vast airsoft catalogs there are construction techniques of the highest levels, studies of specific and innovative materials, CNC machining techniques of the highest precision and much more. An example among all? Did you know that in the airsoft accessories sector there are pointing optics that can have prices of up to 2000.00 – 3000.00 euros? This is just to make you understand how this sector, at least as we understand it.

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