Buyer’s Guide To The Best Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Thermoelectric appliances are trendy these days. They are extremely quiet and efficient, making them perfect for small spaces. They can protect your wine and keep them cool for more extended periods. If you are looking for the best thermoelectric wine coolers to buy online, here are the factors that you have to consider.

Know The Price

There are different thermoelectric wine coolers, and they are priced differently. This will depend on the brand, function, and features, as well as the type. Before you decide and add the appliance to your cart, make sure you have taken the time to compare prices to find the best value for your money.

Type of Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

When looking at thermoelectric wine coolers online, you will find two types of options to choose from – single and dual zones. Contrary to contrary belief, all wines can be stored at coolers that reach about 55ºF. The difference between the single and dual-zones is their storage area. The single-zone will only have the storage area for your wine, while the dual-zone will have another space for storage for different wine services.

Size and Space

One of the things that you have to consider when buying thermoelectric wine coolers is their size. There are different types to choose from, and they come in various sizes when it comes to their width, depth, and height.

Since these thermoelectric wine coolers are freestanding, you also have to think about the space where they will be placed. It should have enough clearance on all four sides since it needs proper ventilation. Without this, the thermoelectric wine cooler will not operate efficiently.

Bottle Capacity

Many think that thermoelectric wine coolers are too small to hold their wine bottles. But in reality, they come in various bottle capacities, from 1 to 40. That is why to make the most out of this appliance, choose the cooler that can hold the average amount of bottles that you can finish each month.

Temperature Range

The perfect temperature for wine storage will depend on a couple of factors. For example, the amount of fruit, alcohol, and tannin that the wine contains is vital to consider. Generally, wine should be stored at around 11-14˚°C or 52-57°F. So when choosing a thermoelectric wine cooler online, read the description and go to its temperature capacity. The most desirable are coolers with a temperature range of 45ºF and 65ºF.

Warranty It Covers

Aside from the factors mentioned above, also check the appliance’s warranty. Choose the thermoelectric wine cooler from a brand and manufacturer that offers the longest warranty time. They are usually the ones that are the most confident of their products and are not afraid to give this offer.

There are plenty of benefits to using thermoelectric wine coolers. So if you are looking to buy one online soon, make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above. There are plenty to choose from, so make sure you make your best comparison to find the most suitable for your needs.


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