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Tips and care after tattooing

Remember to always spread it with clean hands and to use only a thin layer, in order to keep the skin hydrated but not greasy. Around the fourth day, if you have carefully followed all these instructions, the first cuticles will begin to appear, similar to those of a sunburn: in order not to ruin the color, do not remove them absolutely, they will come off by themselves when the time is right 타투.

If you should feel a little itchy, know that it is normal because new skin is forming: to relieve it, just try to keep the area well hydrated with the cream and, if it is really an unbearable sensation, do not scratch yourself but tap with your fingers. fingers gently.

What you must never do (and then never, and again never)

You must always consider your tattoo as a wound (because in fact it is) even if it is small in size: for this reason, hygiene is essential during healing to avoid the onset of infections.

Keep the tattoo away from dusty environments, from contact with animal hair and, in the first two weeks, never expose it directly to the sun. Tanning lamps are also banned, so if you are a fan of sunbathing, perhaps it is better to postpone your appointment.

Also postpone saunas and baths in the sea and in the pool for a few weeks, because salt and chlorine can irritate the skin, discolor and fade the tattoo, not to mention that in water you can easily come into contact with bacteria and other microorganisms.


When can the tattoo be considered completely healed?

A new tattoo generally heals within about ten days, but the skin is completely regenerated in about a month: it is a subjective process that varies from person to person.

What to do to keep the colors bright for a long time?

Once your new tattoo (and old ones too) is perfectly healed, they must be protected from two sworn enemies: skin that is not adequately hydrated and the sun . To solve the first problem, just use a moisturizer regularly when you are no longer wearing aftercare cream.

On the other hand, as regards the sun’s rays, which in addition to making the epidermis age prematurely can strongly damage the colors, it is always better to apply adequate photoprotection on the drawing ( and on the whole body, if the skin is very clear ), or creams with spf 30 or 50+.

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Silk robe buying guide

After a long working day, men will always prefer to have the best sleeping experience. They can start their next day fresh only if they tend to experience quality sleeping the before night. This is the reason why they want to ensure their comfort level while going to sleep. One of the most important things that can influence their comfort while sleeping is their night wear. While considering night wear for men there are more choices. And one of the highly preferred choices by many men is the silk robes. The silk robes are the wonderful choice for experiencing quality sleep.


It is to be noted that while considering silk robe, there are many different materials available in the market. It can also be said that not all the silk robe materials are same as they sound to be. The buyers who want to enjoy the luxury of a silk robe must make sure to buy 100% pure mulberry silk robes. It is to be noted that only such kind of material will be highly comfortable to wear. And only the pure mulberry silk material can help them to realize the level of comfort at its best.

mens silk robe


The people who are buying the silk robes are supposed to be more careful in choosing the size. As the robes will be available in varying sizes, they must choose the right size. Only the robes that are chosen in right size can provide the best comfort they are in need of. Hence they must take care of these things. There are also many people who tend to purchase the silk robes for their loved ones on any special occasion like anniversary, birthday or any other. In such case, they must order the right size that can fit their loved ones at the best.

Buy online

Even though the silk robes can be purchased from the direct stores or from the local dealers, buying them through online will be the wisest choice. This is because in online, one can find the most exclusive patterns over mens silk robe. Especially the people who want to provide the most exclusive gift for their loved ones can prefer to order the most impressive designs in online. They can approach the most reputed stores in online for ordering the best quality silk robes that are made out of best design pattern. They can also refer the product reviews to know about the silk robe they are about to order.

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