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What Everyone Must Know About Foreign Worker Medical Insurance?

The foreign worker medical insurance is otherwise known as FWMI. This is mainly a mandatory requirement for the employers of foreign workers who are having work permits as well as S-Pass holders. Employers are mainly required to purchase as well as maintain minimum medical insurance coverage of a minimum amount.

The conditions that are being covered by foreign worker medical insurance


Below are some of the conditions which are being covered by the foreign worker medical insurance:


  1. This insurance mainly covers the pre-hospitalization or surgery specialist consultation. This also covers the pre-hospitalization or the surgery diagnostic services
  2. Hospital room as well as board is also being covered under this insurance type
  3. The cost of the intensive care unit
  4. The charges for the surgery, operating theatre, as well as anesthetist fees
  5. This also covers the In-hospital physician’s visit
  6. This type of insurance also covers the post-hospitalization or the surgery treatment. The hospital’s miscellaneous services, as well as supplies, are also being covered.
  7. The emergency outpatient treatment cost is also covered under this.
  8. The personal accident benefit, as well as death benefits, are also being covered under this insurance.Worker Medical Insurance

Features to look for in case of foreign worker medical insurance


Below are some of the important features one must consider at the time of purchasing the foreign worker medical insurance:

  1. The said insurance must cover some of the pre-existing conditions of their employees.
  2. This must cover some of the work-related medical treatments which are being carried out when employees of the company travel for work assignments.
  3. The outpatient treatments are mainly excluded from the coverage of the foreign worker medical insurance plans. But in some cases, one may secure coverage in case of outpatient cancer as well as kidney treatments.
  4. In case an unfortunate death happens for any foreign worker due to illness or an accident, the insurers can mainly cover for the expulsion of their remains back to their home country.

Companies all over the world mainly work towards providing good quality healthcare to their employees as well as their foreign workers. This type of insurance is mainly necessary for foreign workers. There are many different types of foreign worker medical insurance plans available. A company mainly needs to choose the one depending on the health condition of their foreign workers.

These are some of the important facts to know about foreign worker medical insurance.

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