How to dress up in layers during winter?

How to dress up in layers during winter?

With the fall in temperature, the trip to your wardrobe begins to pick up your winter clothes. Severe winters compel you to cover from top to bottom. Dressing in layers is very important during winter with each layer performing a different function. Your inner layer should prevent sweat, the middle should be insulating and the outer one should prevent harsh winds.

The first layer

The first layer or layer number one is that which is closest to your skin. It should be something that sticks to your skin like your thermal inner-wear. This should be made up of a material that keeps sweat away. Imagine being out in cold and your innermost layer feels wet due to sweat! It could leave you feeling miserable. To avoid such a situation you should choose the material appropriately. Cotton and flannel are a big no since they can make you feel wet. Your best option for layer number one is wool. Yes, we heard you! Don’t worry if you are someone who develops itching due to wool, you could choose Merino or cashmere instead. There are several other synthetic and natural fivers too for your choice of the first layer.

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Middle and outer layer

You can wear a coat as a middle and outer layer but it should be thick and well-insulated. Coats which have baffling are very good for staying warm outdoors. They are made of little layers full of fluffy wool and are stitched together. Down coats are also a good option for the outer layer. While choosing them you should look for the insulating material used. If it is feathers instead of down, you won’t get the necessary protection. The denser the down is, the more air it can trap. Polyester and nylon are the synthetic varieties that offer you warmth. They make you stay warm, are breathable and also waterproof. You could stay outdoors for a long time comfortably if you choose your outer coat from these options. You could also choose a coat with a hoodie like the ahegao hoodie.

Having covered the inner and outer layers, let us look at the other things needed during winter. You should have gloves for your hands. Mittens are also a good choice as all fingers are held together. Choose thickly insulated gloves and at the same time, they should also be breathable. To keep the cold feet away choose the best woollen socks for your feet.

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