How To Find The Best CBD For Your DOG.

How To Find The Best CBD For Your DOG.

Dog owners across America are finding out the benefits of CBD oil for their canine companions, but it can be challenging to know exactly what to look for when shopping around. Let’s take a few minutes and review some of the best options you have.

First, let’s start with dosage. It would help if you always gave your pet whatever dosage they need based on their weight. Different standards say how much to use per 1 pound of animal weight or a percentage that would equate to ¼ ml per 10 pounds of animal weight. If you’re using a product recommended by a veterinarian, follow those guidelines because they’re most likely accurate. However, if you’re looking at non-veterinary products, then you should use the percentage method.

More importantly, don’t go higher than the recommended dosage even if your pet seems to be handling it okay. There can be side effects such as lethargy and lack of appetite, neither of which are good things for a growing pup or an old dog headed out to pasture. Always keep them safe.

The best cbd oil for dogs products usually has a bit of THC (usually less than 0.32%). THC and CBD work well together because THC has medicinal benefits like pain relief and increased appetite. Don’t worry about getting your dog high from this, though, as their liver processes any active substances being ingested so that they won’t feel any of the effects, and you’ll be getting all of the benefits.

 Using CBD For Your Dog.

There are a few different ways to administer CBD, but we recommend that you give it orally. There are not too many products that can be used in your pet’s food or drinks, but once we know what they are, we will update this article accordingly. Some people choose to give their dogs CBD topicals, which work on areas where the soreness is present. Other options include CBD capsules, oils, treats, and even CBD dog treats for specific conditions like anxiety. Let’s break it down by dosage:

10-50 lbs = 0.5mg – 1 mg per day

50-100 lbs = 1 mg – 2 mg per day​

100-150 lbs = 2 mg – 3 mg per day​

150-200 lbs = 3 mg – 4mg per day​

Remember, these are the minimum amounts, but you can always give them a little more depending on your dog’s condition. The good thing about CBD is that it isn’t toxic, so you don’t have to worry about overdosing on your pet and causing any problems.

As with all medicines, it’s essential to be careful if giving this to elderly pets or pregnant animals. CBD has been known in some cases to bring a sense of peace and comfort to animals going through natural aging or experiencing pregnancy-related issues. You’ll also want to make sure they don’t have existing kidney disease, as CBD may stress their kidneys and do more harm than good.

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